The Tale of 2 Cords

After several attempts to perform TLC and no results, I started heading back home from my laboratory. Already frustrated, my brain was getting more let down by the fact that it is 5 pm in Mumbai and there is a snowball chance in hell of getting seat in bus. Cursing, wondering, worrying about my results, I waited at the bus stop. All of sudden, my brain triggered my right hand. It reached the bottom of my bag and took this magical cord out.

MY EARPHONES! End of the depressing solitude!

I am sure even Gandalf cannot beat the power of music. Bus arrived. After having such a stinking day at work, cosmos granted me with a seat. Finally, the destiny was by my side.  The playlist even spellbound the traffic-noise of Mumbai and I started enjoying my day forgetting about all mishap.  After two stops, a 10-year old school boy boarded the bus. Sitting beside his mother, he was playfully enjoying the view.

We both had one thing in common, white earphones.

The only difference was, I was listening to different singers and he was hearing the world around him. Something that sounded noise to me might be a melody to him So many thoughts started pondering in my mind. How must he be feeling with all these different sounds? Can he clearly differentiate those sounds? What all difficulties he might be facing? And so on.

Yes! The noise was sound for me now.

His cord made mine look very small and stung me with a reality check, while I was mesmerized by my own visionary world. I reached my stop and all I awed….

.. Thank you Universe!!

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  1. One of my favorite


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