Spring in Arab!

Lionized for oil, the vernal equinox of 2017 has thought of writing a different sketch for the block.

Satiny color of algae and incense of stevia are showing their true colors.  Surfactin is busy taking bubble bath neglecting the entire task given by boss. Prawns are lying on their death bed; waiting for their final rituals.

Biolubricants are completely on the other side of arena. One has allergy to free space and the other to degrees. This season is giving jinx to alkyd resin and is having a hard time in changing its state. To add to the misery, garlic oil is in town. Rosemary is enjoying its maudlin days.

While everyone is busy with a single cup of coffee sophorolipid is flourishing in its own brewery.

This is just the beginning. They have to grapple with more surprises. By the onset of autumn, they all have planned to take off a long vacation and never return to this sticky land of oil.

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