Fairy Tale?

11 am, Sunday, Tiana’s Place, New Orleans.


(THE DAY! The coolest restaurant never felt so blessed to have all the princesses at the same time. Though renowned for the best ambiance; intense laughter, clinking of glasses, sparkling jewelry made it look very shady.)


Aurora – This job is too much for me to handle. My eyes deserve a beauty sleep and not contouring!!

Snow White- Chillax! Darling! At least you don’t have an idiot mirror who forces you to lookWorld’s fairest of all’! Deal with my problem!!

Ariel- I want my fins back!!Legs are worst. Eric wants me to participate in Marathon. I hate running. I wish reverse surgery was possible. *sobbing*

Jasmine- Ariel! I will talk to Aladdin and see if Genie can be of any help. Though, he showed zero interest when I asked him to buy a Jet. Who likes to travel on MAT??

Rapunzel- Jasmine! That’s awesome! See if you can do something for my hair. I want them back!

Cinderella- (completely drunk) whatever everyone’s problem is, I don’t care! I am not leaving this place before midnight! Elsa, sweetie, Ice please! You know what! You are the solution for this global warming. You can save us from this heat with your ice-cold hands *winks*.

Elsa- Sure, Cinderella! You girls! We are here for fun and not for bragging our reality. Hey, Tiana! I just realized your life is the most sorted one. You have this beautiful restaurant of your own with your prince charming on your side.

(Everyone hooting)

Tiana- Oh! Come on, you’ll! Remember, I had to kiss a frog to marry Naveen. Trust me that was the disgusting thing of all. The worst part, I still feel that slimy mucous in my mouth whenever I, you all know what I mean.

(Laughing out loudly)

Belle- Guys! I have to confess something. I filed a complaint against my husband.


Gasped with silence, a small girl slowly closed the window. She was taken into pieces. She left the place without any ‘fairy tale’. She realized, there is more than ‘happily after’ that is always tiptoed.


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