Diametric Zeal!

The red-hot Mars struck the whimsical Venus.

To relive the moment, she reversed her direction to catch his eclipse. She rolled and rolled faster, winking at Earth’s every flashing judgmental looks. She was hit by many asteroids on the way but she escaped all of them blissfully. Without any moons of her own, she had no one else to day dream of.

Mars, on the other hand was completely aloof about the collision happening around him.  Ignoring all the shooting stars, he was totally happy with his own solitude.

She, calm and clumsy and he, king of mood swings. She was always winged and he was asleep on job. His somberness, serious nature and laid-back attitude were complementary to her excessive enthusiasm, wild nature and unpredictable actions. The coffee and tea were supposed to mélange together but this mystery of big bang lay hidden in nemesis.

Lying on the opposite ends of a circle, she only solicited for them to cross, change the destiny and travel this ebony void of infinite space, ultimately invading the Earth.

Spinning around the fire ball, neither knew that they were following each other.

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