There are so may things in this world that exist only in words and back in our mind we know they are not really on this earth. For an instance, unicorns. I am in my mid-20s but still, I always wish if I could see them for once. Just once. Mermaids, big castles from fairy tales, those side -kicks in movies and so many cartoon characters that I wish really existed.

These are nothing but someone’s imagination that brought nothing but a radiant curve on our face, making us look more beautiful. This means, there is a person who actually created a character that could make the world laugh with joy, fill our heart with euphoria and gave our mind a new hope that yes, good things happen to good people.

So, happiness is related to our imagination, isn’t it?

Then why to wait for someone else to brainstorm for us and then make you feel good about it. We got our own brains. We can be our own guide to the path of happiness.

Always imagining oneself in a positive condition, automatically make us feel hopeful. Only we know what are we going through and only our own thoughts can make us feel bad or good. No one else is responsible.

Why be gloomy and sad for any unusual condition. Just picture yourself in a situation where you are The star, The King or The Queen. The happiest person on the earth and just enjoy the feeling. Definitely, your face muscles will be exercised, especially the cheek ones.

I am a die-hard coffee lover. So, whenever I feel low, I imagine myself in brewery with coffee surrounding me and having the best time of my life. Momentarily, I am distracted from my mishaps and eventually I get over it. But it helps always.

My friends, build castles in air and felicitate. Cheers to life.

1 thought on “Felicity

  1. Ashish Apotikar May 29, 2018 — 3:43 pm

    Well written

    Liked by 1 person

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