What the Tangent Wave taught me!

Life is like Maths! If it goes too easy something is wrong!

Not everyone is fond of Maths. Apart from basic mathematics, we all, in general, still wonder the actual use of algebra and geometry at daily basis. According to Erin Brodwin,“the ability to do basic arithmetic peaks at age 50”. So, if you are below 50 and Maths is making you drive up the wall, hang in there! You got to grab the golden jubilee award to solve basic maths.

But, have you ever thought of using it as a tool to get through a day? You may not visualize but it has been teaching some or the other life hacks. Justin Lanier has perfectly summed up how Maths has been standing as a solid rock all the way long.

The other day, tangent wave struck my mind. For those who don’t know or recollect what I am talking about, here is the beautiful tangent wave. {NERD MODE:On}


{In trigonometry, tan -90⁰: -∞ (infinity), tan 0⁰: 0 and tan 90⁰: ∞}
Not so mesmerizing, I know. Well, let me also show you sine and cosine wave to jog up your memory.


{sin -90⁰: -1, sin 0⁰: 0 ,sin 90⁰: 1 cos -90⁰: 0, cos 0⁰: 1 , cos 90⁰: 0}

I wondered, other than solving those long equations, can these hills and valleys passing through the Cartesian coordinates throw some light over the mortals?

Not altogether.

But, yes! These grooves depict the wheel of life. The negative quadrant outlines mishaps, failures, rotten luck, set backs and all other unholy messes. In the same degree (+), the stroke of luck, victory, gains and accomplishments substitutes the positive quadrant. Each of these waves has wised me up; with tan wave being my tower of strength.

The tan wave approaches to infinity with an incline. Unlike, sine and cosine wave, tan wave doesn’t cease at 1 but fires up to perpetuity. It accelerates further, for the limit to supremacy does not exist.With every diversification of its angle, scope of upswing increases. It hits up for the highest point, grabs the space and stays on its route.

Contrary to all reasonable expectations, the unbiased Cartesian system has its way of retracting things; leading to tan wave’s complete drop down. Sometimes even to non-existence! Afresh, it aligns itself and kicks off, but never opt out. Thus, standing apart from all other existing waves.

So, what did the tangent wave taught me?

Shift the frame of mind and remodel the way of looking at any obstacle. Thrive more for advancement rather than perfection.

6 thoughts on “What the Tangent Wave taught me!

  1. Onkar Sunil Marne February 8, 2018 — 7:59 am

    Awesome👌👍. Nicely interpreted. Didn’t think about tan waves like this before😂.

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  2. Good

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  3. Awesome..

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  4. Ashish Apotikar May 19, 2018 — 3:00 pm


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