Shutter up

Capturing an image to cherish our memories and to see how likable one is the latest following trend.  For some of us the probability of getting the best picture is NEVER 1 and still we continue to follow this fever. And yet unbelievably, according to a survey, 1 million selfies are taken a day.

While taking a snap some of us have committed this blunder very gracefully. You took a picture on Snapchat. The perfect one!  The one, that made you feel like another Jimmy Nelson, and the brain started to give you n number of reasons to why dump your current career for photography. Just when you were about to expose it to your followers, you accidentally hit the back button. GONE! Vanished in the eternity! That’s how you change one’s yarn back into cotton.  And, of course, you are never finding that moment again.

Well, Richard Ben Saprie has correctly said,” Time has a wonderful way of weeding out the trivial”.

How amazing it would have been, if there was some way to walk through these screens that could let us capture those lost-and-never-to-be-found-again snaps. It could be that they are hidden in another glistering world! Imaginably, the self-chiral image narrates a completely different story; maybe reproducing the same life with an updated version. The Doppelganger just seems so happening – better choices, better decisions, better life!!  All the shattered dreams we once visioned of, is in existence! Aha! Amazing Parallel World! Naturally everything else has to be glorious, other than our life.

As likely as not it may seem, chances of we all being a holographic view of our mirror image and it being the real one is highly plausible (a big question on our existence!!).

The digital world seems more relevant and attractive. Our constant way of making our lives better on digital screen portraits how we attempt to catch the glimpse of ourselves. We might actually subsist in that way in some other world. After all, the silver screen shows all – connecting different versions of a person present in multi-verse at some point.  Hence, you know, Déjà vu!


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Even this seems a valid point to ponder upon.




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Parallel world, “Flash” running between timelines, déjà vu, existence of multi-verse and so many theories may seem irrelevant and are just “theories”. And if they are true, why not make make a fortune out of them. If struck at a point, then shutter up and focus. Maybe your problem statement has already been deciphered somewhere conversely with a ready solution. You are about to solve it and might get that strange feeling of Déjà vu soon!

Creating an alignment between two universes- very cool idea, right? A superhero thing indeed.

2 thoughts on “Shutter up

  1. Ashish Apotikar June 5, 2018 — 6:04 am

    😀 Bhari !!!

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