Tame the dream

Dreams are good. Dreaming is healthy. It can help one learn and grow long-term memories. Even blind people dream and they dream more than sighted people. Some  dreams are so wonderful that you would go back to sleep again to finish them with a good ending. Our life may not be KJo’s movie but many a times our dreams turn out to be one!

There are two types of dreamers. Only one has the power to actually remember the incidents happened in one’s dream, says Mark Prigg. Every single person on earth dreams.

To certify the theory of yin-and-yang, dreams need to go with nightmares. Nightmares, unpleasant sights, are born out of fear, sadness, stress or helplessness. And we somehow manage to correlate them to memories of our incarnations. (Right?)

The reason for occurrence for dreams or nightmares is still unknown. Following plausible theories somewhat make sense.

  • A constant reminder of a memory (either good or bad) to conscious mind by subconscious mind
  • A rigorous effort of mind to achieve some sort of emotional-stress balance
  • There’s some unresolved trauma or idea
  • A usual normal brain activity

Some dreams are so bizarre that even the above stated reason is not a rational explanation. Dreams and nightmare are like shadows; firm believers of till death does us apart. According to Dr Alex Nukeman, symbols in the recurring dream have meanings. They usually represent things present throughout the world. In his book, ” Nightmares: How to make sense of your darkest dreams”, he guides everyone on how to see dream as a powerful tool  of healing and growth.

It might have happened that you got so engrossed on a particular task that it showed up in the dream. This is the ‘Tetris effect’ (yes, the video game tetris!). It is a result of our brain trying to learn a skill which you have been doing over and over. The brain then assumes that it’s something you need to be skillful at. And you dream about it. While learning physiognomy,I was unable to avoid unknown-haunting- faces in my not-so-sweet-dreams. Yes, tetris effect!

One more interesting thing is how a dreamer is aware of what he or she is dreaming (Lucid Dreaming). Some people feel that they will get trapped in their lucid dream, unable to wake up and come back to reality. This is frightening. But some people actually demand for lucid dream with help of MILD and WILD techniques.  You might get an opportunity to explore unknown powers of your brain.

Your waking reality may not be something you usually dream of. But engaging a natural phenomenon for personal growth is interesting. A reality check may be! Try this out. Plant a catchphrase in your subconscious mind. Repeat it number of times for your brain to rememberit.  Plausibly you might recognise the same catchphrase when you are dreaming. With tetris effect you might get one step ahead with daily activities also. Trick your brain to do one new thing and in return get sweet dreams.

As Frida Kahlo says, I never paint dreams or nightmare. I paint my reality.

1 thought on “Tame the dream

  1. Some dreams are so sweet I get very disappointed when I get up from them and find they are only a dream.

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