Thinking Machine

The other day, my friend tagged me in a post on Facebook that said, “My talent: OVER-THINKING”. That is what most people do. We imagine all possible things that a certain situation could lead to. So, we tend to relax our brain to finally arrive at a proper conclusion.

CALM DOWN! This is what the brain gets to hear! Also, who can deny Master Shifu’s words?


Inner peace is way to all! Relax the mind and the productivity follows. However, brain requires more than softening. We are in an impression that the intelligent people think with their organised mind! Well, our whole life was a lie. Brain that is highly disordered is the most effective one. Being random is brain’s trait. Technically, it is known as brain entropy.

What is brain entropy? Entropy is randomness or disorder. Thinking outside the box or thinking with many possibilities. According to research, brain entropy is positively associated with high intelligence. Studies claim that people with low brain entropy are no less than comatose people or people in a deep sleep. Ideas flourish only when the brain keeps leapfrogging. No wonder the electron always jump to excited state for bonding!

So, how does one calculate his or her brain entropy? You need high tech machines under doctors’ aid. But, there are ways to increase your brain entropy.

Drink coffee! Yes, caffeine decreases cerebral blood flow and increases brain entropy. No wonder, the brain starts jumping after the first coffee in the morning. Sorry Chai lovers, but coffee lovers got an amazing point to boast.


The other way is aging. The brain entropy shoots with age. Research says that functional entropy in brain increases with age. The rate of increase is slower in females than males, even though female life expectancy is higher. Also, they are born with higher functional entropy than males. Finally, a logical reason to not to cry over aging on next birthday!

“Now that I’m older and wiser I hope
Problems are over I managed to cope!”
– Maywood (I am Sorry)

If you fall into category of people who don’t like coffee and don’t want to age fast, there is a way out! RIDDLES! Classified under two categories, riddles are either metaphorical problems or pun intended language that requires inventive and careful thinking. Solving riddles make thinking process creative. This helps develop new strategies to get to the bottom of any situation.

Basically, the whole point of living is problem solving and that requires a lot of thinking. If it wasn’t for our brain and it’s amazing problem solving skills, man wouldn’t have been at this state! Without thinking power, one is like the ape who keeps goggling at others from behind the glass. Our lives being no less than a roller coaster, randomness is always better than linear trajectories!

2 thoughts on “Thinking Machine

  1. Good one 😀👍

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  2. CENE Business Managers July 27, 2018 — 2:07 pm

    I coffee isn’t good for me anymore. I tend to get intense lows from them.

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