Being out of luck? You gotta read this!


Luck has been playing hide and seek with all of us. If you think you are lucky, you are not wrong! People sometimes get bestowed with luck. We often hear things like,’he was saved by an inch from getting into a big accident. What a luck!’


Sometimes, luck is too busy hiding that it does not even bother up showing sooner. For instance, look how all once world champion knocked off in FIFA 2018. Hard luck?! Just imagine how a gambler shuffles his decision to go with either the angelic-side or the demonic-side of the luck.

Does luck even exists? Maybe, yes! Since everyone is dealing with it. For some, luck is like that crush who ‘never texts you back’, while others dance in the pool of fortunes. If good things happen, then people are lucky or else they gave birth to an unlucky break. To be lucky or unlucky is not the way how people think it is. Consider a situation. You are waiting to be served in the bank. Suddenly, an armed robber enters the bank, fires a shot, and the bullet hits them in the arm. Would this event be lucky or unlucky? Of course, unlucky! Who wants their money stolen? This is what most people would answer, making them feel ‘unlucky’. In contrast, lucky people view this scenario as being far luckier, and often spontaneously comment on how the situation could have been far worse. You could have been shot in the head! Lucky you!

This is one of the experiments conducted by Richard Wiseman. In his book, he describes how people tend to think themselves as lucky or unlucky. In other words, how they tend to respond to a situation. He has conducted such experiments to find out something common among the so-called ‘lucky’ people. With his research he describes four principles of luck as follows.

  • Skillfully creating and noticing chance opportunities
  • Making lucky decisions by listening to one’s intuition
  • Creating self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations
  • Adopting a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good

Have you noticed how a quiz master wishes everyone ‘best of luck’ and only one person wins. The other contestants probably had their luck on hibernation mode. Even if everyone’s luck had a role to play, the person with the strongest skills-set would win and later called as the luckiest.

I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often.

Brian Tracy

People suffer a lot in life. They get in so many unwanted situations that make them feel the most unfortunate one which does not mean that they are unlucky. Everyone carries luck on their shoulders. They just have to choose either side – angel or demon whatever may be the situation is.

Do you consider yourself lucky now?

I would love to hear any of your luckiest events in the comment section.

2 thoughts on “Being out of luck? You gotta read this!

  1. I totaly agree to this. When you crib about things, luck cribs about being around you and leaves. A positive outlook does attract luck!

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