A beautiful congregation

Visiting Universal Studios was one of my bucket lists. Although, never thought that it would be jam-packed. From enjoying roller coaster rides to taking pictures with your favorite character, one had to wait in lines for hours. The magic of silver screen coming to life swamped everyone. And in the midst of this, I witnessed the most stunning screenplay delivered by tiny little kids, trying to show-off their superpower.

In a corner, a kid was counting till 10 with his eyes closed. He then runs towards his father who was hiding behind a pole, just enough for his son to spot him. As soon as he spots his father, his father holds him up, kisses him and both laugh together. At a distance, a father gives a piggyback ride to his son and then together they open up their arms. A sweet baby girl watches the dancing show while she comfortably seats on her father’s shoulders. A mother combs her daughter’s silky hair. Two little kids run from two opposite corners just to hug each other and repeat this several times. A chubby boy tries to eat the whole burger with that little mouth. Four kids struggle to catch each bubble coming out of the bubble gun and dance merrily.

With such a captivating scenario, the time just flew. In a completely unknown crowd, the universe throws such beautiful surprises that we always tend to ignore. Perhaps, chaos is what one needs to find the hidden calm and comfort. Or just another order in life!

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